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Keyword Chef offers flexible plans to support both small and large publishers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A credit represents one keyword result in your report. You can think of a credit as a row.

Each credit includes:

  • Keyword
  • Average, high, and low monthly search volume
  • PAA (People Also Asked) keywords
  • Similar keywords
  • SERP Score
  • SERP Preview

Yes, all keyword results are automatically saved under 'My Reports' and can be viewed anytime. Reports are still kept even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Lifetime Credits never expire, while Monthly Credits expire at the end of the billing cycle (credits do no roll over).

Monthly subscribers get access to additional features, including:

  • Domain Age in the Domains Report
  • First queue priority for Get All SERPs

Yes, you may use Lifetime Credits and Monthly Credits at the same time. If you have both types of credits, Monthly Credits will be deducted first.

Yes, you may cancel your subscription any time and keep your Monthly Credits until the end of your billing cycle. To cancel your subscription, head over to the Stripe Customer Portal.

If you plan on using most of your credits during the first month, purchsing a monthly plan and canceling can help save money.

Yes, we accept PayPal for pay as you go credits. PayPal payments for monthly subscriptions aren't available. To pay with PayPal, please email for details.

Users who purchase credits will see an upgraded Keyword Preview Window . This window will allow users to see the full list of keywords and select only the keyords they wish to spend credits on.

If your report returns more keywords than credits you have available, the extra credits are free.